Grandma Turtle And The Hustle & Bustle Towards The Pot Of Gold


For a very long time, I used to dream of becoming well known for my art and writing. But as I’ve grown older, I yearn for a slower, more simpler life where I don’t feel the pressure to make art for money. I think this is what probably stops me from growing my Instagram bigger than what it currently is.

Over the years, I’ve seen my fellow bloggers grow their accounts and become well known influencers, writers, travel bloggers, and You-tubers. Deep down, I want to grow too but I’m a bit nervous about that, which I’ll get into in a minute. Every time I create, I wonder if the goal is to gain recognition, free merchandise and trips, a big following and a fat check. I question this because there is a notable influx of bloggers in this modern day and age compared to a decade ago when bloggers were far and few between. It was what I’d like to call, the “golden age” of blogging, because back then the name of the game wasn’t money, it was for the love of art. The field of blogging has become so saturated these days, that it does bring into question, why do we do what we do when there is so much competition, other than the sake of our own happiness and creative outlet? Because happiness is cool and all, but it doesn’t pay the bills. Becoming “famous,” especially in the world of blogging, could.

With the advent of social media the word fame has shed it’s former skin where it used to be a term for celebrities, philanthropic role models, world leaders, industry icons, and brand names but now it is up for grabs for just about anyone who wants it. It has become a recycled term these days because of how easy it is for a normal person to become famous through social media. All you really need is your phone, internet, a bit of courage, and you are on your way. The word famous is also dissected into hyphenated terms such as “insta-famous” or “youtube-famous,” aka, a person who is well known on the internet. People even buy followers in order to look famous so that they can become a candidate for big brand deals that would most likely catapult them into fame. While we are on that I found that buying followers is really cheap and easy. Alas, that is another topic for another day.

So what can qualify someone as internet famous? To me it’s those who have many subscribers and a big following on Instagram with an engagement that parallels that. I think the real question is, is this what blogging has become? A race towards the top, and if there is no incentive, would we still do it? Should there be an end game other than doing it because we like it? I honestly hope she doesn’t see my blog, but I have recently read a post on one of Instagram’s up and coming fashion bloggers where she talks about creativity and staying ahead, and how she looks at her own (very beautiful I might add) photos as mundane and normal. Her hustle made me more sad than inspired because she talks about how hard it is to make her photos stand out and look different, because the minute she posts it another blogger will do something similar, thus creating a chain reaction in a saturated field. Her once “unique” photo isn’t unique anymore, beginning the cycle of trying to be different, new, and fresh…all over again. To me, that sounds so exhausting because you’re always chasing something, you’re only happy with your work for a certain amount of time until it inspires someone else to do something close to it and you can’t catch your breath because in order to stay at the top, in order to reach a level of fame, you have to keep being different. And how long before everything is replicated, can you be different?

For me personally, I’ve always blogged because it’s been a way for me to escape from my own reality, and to create this image of myself that I don’t let a lot of people see in my own real life. So blogging has been my way of an “escape.” You’ve seen me do some videos on my Instagram stories, and I am a totally different person from the vibes of my style of photography. And I have this theory that if my blog and Instagram account ever grew bigger than what it was, I’m afraid that I couldn’t show that side of myself without being criticized. With a bigger following, it’s a lot harder to be transparent and real, because the more of your life that you show, the more chances you expose yourself to opinions, trolls, and criticisms. It’s not always love and support 24/7 like it is in a smaller, more controlled community.It is also harder to talk about deep life topics because your words have to be carefully crafted in order to not offend too many people. I like how we as humans have become more kind and aware of social injustices, but if I have to be honest, a lot of today’s generation have also become very sensitive and closed off because of this awareness. I know that sounds harsh, but think about it and maybe you might see what I see. There’s a reason why Youtube has censored videos or demonetized those who don’t present a “wholesome” look. To be famous these days, in any type of way, has become more stressful not only because of competition, but because the audience it self has changed.  The world has become this place of fast fashion, fast food, fast life, and social media. I feel like it definitely takes a certain person in order to handle fame. It isn’t for everyone. In short, I think the main trait that you have to have in order to handle any kind of attention, is to already own an inner richness and happiness within yourself. Unfortunately, not everyone reaches that level of self love and happiness for whatever reason. Sorry this blog post is all over the place, I’m in the middle of studying for my third final!


With love,