Butters, The Tiny Pig & The Wonderful World Of Vegetables

For as long as I can remember, it has always been a toss up between getting a guinea pig or getting a rabbit. I’ve always had an affinity towards small, furry creatures. I came across many rabbits, timid piggies, and tiny bunnies with funny hairstyles, but none of them really caught my attention the way that Butters did. Have you ever watched a rom com where the girl doesn’t like the guy at first, so she walks away, but towards the end of the movie they end up falling madly in love with each other? When I found Butters tucked away in the corner of her 30 by 36 inch cage, nestled under hay and messy, with specs of food dispersed all over her muzzle- I walked away, unsure of myself of whether I could take care of another animal because at the time, I already had two dogs to take care of on my own.

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