The Bitter Cucumber & The Curse Of Curcurbitacin

This is an odd blog. It definitely has a different voice to it from when I first started four years ago, sans Instagram. I was alot more anxious, worried about pretty words and if my passages came off mysterious and descriptive enough. Now I’m alot more relaxed about what I write and today I choose to complain to you all about the bitterness of cucumbers. An odd mix in the thrall of tough love topics I have in my files waiting for you to read after this. I’ve often come to a frustrating conclusion as to why I end up with a bitter cucumber. Or cucumber(s) as they are often on sale at my superbly overpriced organic store, 3 for 99 cents. “What a steal!” I whisper under my breath, after taking a swift glance at the coupon section of the grocery newspaper. Okay I don’t actually say that but the thought has crossed my mind a few times every time I spot a bargain. So… I look at grocery newspapers. I’m quite the frugal person, as extra as I am with my pets for those that have known me for some time on Instagram.

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