Vive La Tarte At A Glance

Vive la Tarte is a bustling little bakery shop hidden around the corner of our hotel that I went into after a night of strolling through the streets of San Fransisco at 2am in the morning. It is a beautiful open space with high ceilings that exude a modern, hipster feel. Most restaurants these days are geared toward “Instagram friendly,” vibes, meaning they are all about aesthetics and foods that look too good to eat, and Vive la Tarte hit that mark the moment I stepped in. It was busy at 10 am in the morning, full of customers hanging out on the steps like high school kids waiting around for next period or sitting a top flat bed type seats with cafeteria style tables. The seating was comfortable  to uphold a conversation with my friend, but I could definitely hear the other conversations next to me if I didn’t pay attention.

Like a true millennial, I ordered the smashed avocado toast with poached eggs, topped with savory tart tomatoes, and sprouts. I wasn’t feeling very adventurous in ordering other items off the menu, but I promise to be more adventurous in my next food post. For 14 USD at San Fransisco prices, this toast was definitely expensive. However, a lot of avocado and its other essentials was packed on a toasted bread that could be shared by two people or one very hungry person (me). I ordered the coconut infused coffee to accompany my bread, which to say it sounded too good to be true. I was hoping for more high notes of coconut, but it ended up tasting watery with a faint bitter taste from the coffee.  Although, there were free refills and I wasn’t about to pass that up.

Out of all the pastries that laid out fresh and warm wafting with candy-like, sugary smells before me, I chose the strawberries and cream filled croissant. I was expecting to bite into a soft bread, but it was surprisingly crispy and flaky. The strawberries were fresh and fully ripened so it was a delight to eat. The custard in the middle was generously filled, but overall I feel like this would be more of a dessert option rather than a breakfast option. I think it’s because I tend to lean towards more savory foods for my morning fix rather than sweet, but that’s a personal preference.

Overall, Vive la Tarte is a great place to visit in San Fransisco if you are into sweet treats and brunch. If I lived in San Fran, I think that I would come here again, try a different coffee, and read or blog. Its definitely a place where you could find inspiration and easily meet new people, because odds are they are sitting right next to you.


Be Brave Be Bold Be Beautiful,