The Unfollowers And Why It’s A Good Thing

When it comes to building a brand from the ground up Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter are the three biggest and best platforms to do so. These days the number of followers you have, unfortunately and sometimes fortunately determines how “popular” your brand is. Our followers are our biggest supporters when it comes to building an online brand. But sometimes building a brand isn’t as easy as you think. Many bloggers that I have talked to experienced losing hundreds of followers each month and they cannot understand why. For those who are just starting out, this can be very disheartening.

Losing followers can lead you to feel like you are not good enough or that you are doing something wrong with your blog. It also really stings to be unfollowed by some one you thought you had a connection with too. Outside of Instagram and the online community, when we lose touch with someone in real life, it happens gradually and over time. With one of the two parties not making an effort to stay in contact and therefore the relationship dissolves itself naturally. But when someone unfollows you on Instagram, it’s a deliberate action. They make a subconscious effort to go to your page, and click the unfollow button. This is why it can be perceived as hurtful or malicious. However I am here to tell you that losing followers here and there, is a good thing and is actually a natural part of building a brand.

People unfollow and follow all of the time and it’s often a good sign that you are doing something right with your brand. The reason being is because you are building a specific niche for yourself online. My style has definitely changed over time and many of my friends and blogger friends can attest to that. My niche is also very specific so I understand that I would lose and gain a lot of followers every week. Sometimes, my content may not be relevant to people’s lives and interests, which I am okay with because I would rather work on building relationships with those that do like and support my content. I think that it’s better to lose followers who do not appreciate or understand my work and engage with those that do. By losing followers, this also ups my engagement with my followers that only grow stronger with time.

Riding on this, people will also unfollow because you may not have a set theme or direction with your blog and instagram. Sometimes posting everything under the sky in order to please all types of people just doesn’t work and that is when narrowing down your niche is important towards your brand growth. Ask yourself, how do you want the world to see you and what do you wish to share with the world? Once you find out where you want to go, you will find followers who appreciate your content. I think having a handful of people who will always comment on your posts is better than thousands of followers who will just scroll past your posts without a care.

People also like beautiful things that have meaning. This is called authenticity and aesthetics. Instagram is all about visually pleasing photography and back in the early days, blogging was like reading into a personal diary of someone and you connected with them through that. Though many things have changed in the blogging world, people still value these two components. But also keep in mind, that no matter how nice your photography is and how genuine you come across, people will still unfollow because that’s just how it is.

 Sometimes the act of unfollowing simply comes with little thought. When I unfollow someone I don’t think that I hate this person. I just felt that their content and posts weren’t relevant to my life anymore. For example, I unfollowed a lot of people from high school that I have not talked to in years, only because I had no reason to stay in contact with them. Nothing was personal and my motives weren’t fueled with hate nor cruelty.

Always remember though that an Instagram following, likes, and comments should never determine your worth. Much like the quote I posted, in between goals there is this thing called life that must be lived. So don’t forget to live it. Instagram isn’t the end all be all and there’s more to life than likes, followers, and comments.

Always be bold, brave, and beautiful…