Grow Where You Are Planted

Lately I have been getting out of my shell more and have been taking a few road trips by myself, something that I am usually too scared and anxious to do. Usually when I travel, I go with other people and they do most of the driving. But it’s been so liberating to just travel by myself and my pets, replay my favorite song over and over again and find destinations that I’ve always dreamed of going to. This past weekend I found a field of sunflowers in full bloom, and it was such a grand sight that made me so happy. Sunflowers are very near and dear to my heart, because about a year ago, I lived in a small town that didn’t have much when it came to aesthetics and fashion. But it did have this small row of sunflowers that grew in the middle of what many would describe as a desert. This small section of flowers-all patchy and scraggly and growing in all sorts of weird directions-breathed life back into me because it gave me so much inspiration.

It’s all about growing where you are, and making the best of it. Even if many people don’t see what your seeing, it doesn’t matter because when you believe in your own creativity and your own drive, other people will start to believe in you too. This summer I was suppose to head on over to Vietnam and Cambodia. I was supposed to start filming for the first time there and I imagined all these possibilities about what a grand video it would be. There was Halong Bay, Soon Dong Cave, Angkor Wat, Phom Penh, and Saigon to explore, to shoot, to discover. However, for many reasons I can’t disclose, I won’t be able to go. I was sad for about a week, but then I realized that some things just happen for a reason, and by either being sad or going against that reason is unwise. I’ve done it before and I definitely learned my lesson. I soon realized that I have all of California to shoot and play around with, and how so many people around the world would take my place to shoot here. How lucky I was to have waterfalls, mountainous regions and valleys, idyllic beaches, and endless fields of flowers. I am glad to have gone through so many struggles in my life because all of these experiences have taught me so much about appreciating what I already have and that life has something better in store for me if I am willing to just go along with it.


Always be brave and bold,