Postcards From Nowhere

I ran across an article about the migration of monarchs a few weeks before valentines day and immediately wanted to visit the place where magic manifests itself in flight. When I first arrived after a long trek, I looked up and I didn’t actually believe my eyes at first, but these butterflies are even more beautiful and utterly graceful in person. To see them all together in one place is something that is momentary, like one of those rare experiences that you are a bear witness of and that consciously leaves an imprint in your mind for however long you live.

I also had the opportunity to do an amazing collaboration with my friend Kristen Tatanabe for so when you have a chance, visit her website too. It’s always a joy catching up with her. My photography is still a bit amateur, but I do hope that you enjoy my progress in the pursuit of beautiful images, thus the title Postcards From Nowhere.