Basics of My Skincare Routine

I have been taking care of my skin since I was 18 years of age. I’ve gotten a lot of weird looks from friends and family because many people don’t associate skincare with 18 year olds, but investing in my skin at an early age has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. I have very dry skin and I suffer from a combination of psoriasis and eczema, so my skin may look ideal, but in reality it takes a lot of dedication to have clear, youthful skin.

Because of my condition I used to believe that I couldn’t exfoliate because it would make my already dry skin even more parched. However exfoliation is actually very important for all skin types because as we age, our skin tends to shed less resulting in  dead or old skin that piles up and leaves our faces looking dry and dull. This in turn can also lead to a build up of oils that contribute to acne and pimples. When you exfoliate you not only get rid of those dead skin cells but  you are also unclogging all of your pores. This helps your moisturizers and anti aging serums penetrate deeper into your skin, thus getting a more effective treatment. After exfoliating I wash my face. These two steps are important especially after a day of wearing makeup. I use Peter Thomas Roth firm peeling gel to exfoliate. I find this to be very gentle on my skin because it emulsifies the dead skin without having to harshly scrub my face. I am a big fan of Ren as a face wash because in addition to keeping my face clean, it leaves my skin feeling soft and supple.

After exfoliating and washing my face I like to use a toner.  I used to use Shisiedo but I wanted to give Laniege a try and so far I am liking it. Now I’m going to get a little “science-y” here. Our skins ph balance is usually between a five and a six, leaving it to be naturally acidic. After exfoliating and cleansing, this ph balance is disturbed so your skin has to “catch up” in order to restore the ph balance which can also cause excess oils to build up during the day or night. Using a toner resolves this quickly and gently.

After washing my face, I use a moisturizer with anti aging properties along with a normal sunscreen, usually one that is up to 50 spf. There are ones in which you’ll see are 100 spf, but I find those higher ones leave a white overcast on my skin which isn’t very flattering, but yes, it does the same job. I’ve been using Dior capture xp for years but I’m itching to try something new, like Tatcha soothing triple recovery cream. For my night time moisturizer, I’ve been using renergie lift by Lancome. I have two moisturizers that both have anti aging properties so my skin could benefit from it both day and night. Some nights after moisturizing I use one of my favorite masks, energie de vie by lancome. This mask can be kind of annoying because essentially it is a mask you put on when you are going to bed. Throughout the night it melts in to your skin and some people might not like the feeling of something on their face while sleeping, but to me it’s worth it to see the results in the morning.

And that’s about it really. I know that some of these products I’m using are expensive, but like I said, I see skincare as an investment. Makeup is wonderful, it enhances your beauty and it’s so fun to play around with. But when you take off your foundation, your mascara, wipe off your eyebrows, and your lipstick, you have your skin underneath that needs your love too. And it’s important to love both the glamorous you and the natural you.