The Last Time

 I remember it clearly. It happened on a Sunday. We were all getting ready for a nice family supper when she came and told me that she was just tired of fighting this illness. She had told me this many times before, but has always pulled through. So in turn I’ve always shook it off by saying, “don’t be ridiculous, you’re gonna live forever,” followed with a small chuckle and a sigh of relief. Though somehow, this time, despite my plea for nonsense…I believed her. It wasn’t because of the tears that brimmed on the verge of falling after she said this… or the sight of her once strong build that had wasted away into frailty by each day’s passing.

No. It was because I could see there was no fight left in her sunken eyes, who’s iris acted as the windows to her soul. And that it too, wished to be set free from a body that can no longer contain life. A life that had once been lived to the fullest. As much as I wanted her to keep on fighting, to stay with me forever if forever was even possible…I choked back my tears and told her that I loved her, but that it was okay for her to let go. She no longer had to stay for me. She died on the following Sunday. An ordinary day, that holds so much brilliance and bitterness in my heart.

P.S. this is just a story I made up, I am okay. Thank you all for your concern, love you. 🙂