Small Town Blues

Ralph Lauren Top/Rachel Roy Skirt/Coach Flats/Kenneth Cole Necklace

I used to hate small towns and didn’t see how anyone would want to live in one. I remember traveling through Japan and leaving the city of Tokyo to a small countryside and once my friends and I arrived there, I thought to myself, “We left Tokyo for this?” Thinking back, I only saw the world through a sort of tunnel vision that probably made me look like I was not an open minded individual. However, about a year ago, I made the decision to move to one due to various reasons. At first, I fought so hard to go back to the city-I just hated it. I closed my mind to what I didn’t know at the time was a wonderful opportunity for self growth. Living in this place, surrounded by mountainous vistas and fields of golden wheat that I’ve grown to love so much, has taught me lessons that I will carry through the rest of my life. I’ve become more humble, more open to different opportunities, and learned to grow where I am instead of chasing something that I don’t have.

Opening my mind to the beauty around me changed the way I live and think. It also gave me the mental break that I never knew that I needed while living in the city. I think this is because life moves at a faster pace in the city and it’s easy to lose sight of yourself and it’s tougher to face your problems head on. Living here really made me face my fears, I had to choice other than to face them. My favorite quote that I came across today was, “Don’t be afraid of the struggle, because if you don’t struggle, you don’t grow. You have to go through it in order to grow.” Sometimes we may be put in situations that we don’t like but always look between the lines to see why you are at this place in your life. Who knows what you can get out of it?