Written Language

For these past couple of months, I feel like I have been experiencing a lot of anxiety over creating the perfect image and story o go along with it. So I took a step back and went back to square one. In the process I found the joy of reading. It’s kind of embarrassing to admit that I recently picked up recreational reading this year, seeing that I want to write a book someday. But growing up, I wasn’t permitted to read anything other than my school books. In college, as an adult swamped with studying, I couldn’t find a reason to pick up reading for fun. But now since graduating, and taking a year off contemplating my next move, I’ve finally picked up a book to read. I’ve always prided myself in being a good writer, at least when it comes to first person writing, but reading books have definitely humbled me. It’s funny because I even googled, “Can I write a book without ever reading?” and there was one answer that stood out to me, “to write a book without ever reading, is like a blind person describing the world they have never seen to someone else.”

That response stayed with me, and from then on I started to read. The first book that I picked up for recreational reading was Harry Potter, and despite the writing style being so simple, it held so much magic for me because I could relate so much to Harry. I went through a very depressing point in my life, and though reading may not have alleviated me of my current problems, it took me away for those couple of hours that would have been wasted on over thinking.

I still have a long way to go when it comes to writing my own book, and I don’t think it will be ready for years to come. I feel like I’ve only tasted the surface when it comes to the power of reading and submerging my mind into different universes. It has kept me sane and somehow saved me from going into deep, dark places that other wise my normal self would never dive into. Books speak so much of survival, of facing tough times, yet standing strong when you can easily wither down and become weak. They speak of true friendships of both beasts and beings, that deep down no matter how old we are, no matter where we are in our lives, we all want and can have because of reading. I think that the only thing I regret when it comes to writing my book, is that I should have picked up a book earlier in my life.