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This year has been tremendously hard on me, it is partly the reason why I decided to scrap my old blog and create a whole new layout, keeping the same name. There’s a lot to talk about, a lot on my mind, but today I want to discuss how I wish that I had taken a year off from school, instead of continuing.


I got into this really awesome program, that a lot of people have tried so hard to get into, and I got in on the first try. I feel as if I don’t deserve it in a way, because I don’t really want it, at least I feel like I don’t really want it enough. I felt that by continuing, I was getting my life back on track. Instead I feel as lost as ever.IMG_4836

That’s kind of why I write stories for mostly all of my posts, my real life is much too stressful and tangled to unravel and discuss. I escape from it through my stories. I think that the one good thing about this year, and about continuing school, is that it has pushed me to further pursue my passions


Hopefully one day, this will all make sense. This tiny year of my life, will all make sense. Or maybe it won’t, and it would just be a year in which I’ll just forget that had no impact on my life what so ever. As always,


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