Balloons Billowing In The Sky


I laid my head on his shoulder, while he took the reigns of Bastian, a beast of a horse he had given to me many moons ago as a special gift and as a sole recognition of his love. 


Lately there’s something thats been growing inside of me. Something sinister, spreading it’s horrid fingerlike tips throughout my body, racking my mind with grief and delusions. I don’t even know what’s right from wrong anymore. And yet, I find a part of myself at peace, with the watery grave of the glistening depths of despair that I seem to be drowning in by the minute.


At times, the evil even manifests itself in human form. It talks to me, in whispers that no one else can hear but me. Cereschia…it says.. is its name.


“Love, stop talking to the devil inside of your mind, I’m going to take you somewhere and you’re just going to have to trust me on that.” And with that, Eli snaps me out of my current delusions.

IMG_4675Love conquers everything, as cliche as that sounds. Love’s technicolor light, presents a geometrical pattern on everything, even the darkest of them all and somehow makes them good again. Eli is my light, he isn’t afraid to come close to my vortex of doom and peril and pull me out of it every single time no matter how deep I’ve let myself fallen into it each day..image-3

He took me to a place far away from the outskirts of town, where giant balloons leisurely float through the air without any aim or direction..were so many of them. They took my breath away and settled my troubled mind. Even if this lasts for only a moment, it was a moment that I found myself free of Cereshia.



We sat together underneath them and kissed under the magic that pop corned out of the skies one by one..



…until the last of them disappeared.

And for that moment, thanks to Eli, it was as if the darkness inside of me had disappeared as well.





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