It’s Wicked Witchcraft

IMG_4282I could feel her eyes looking through me and it’s hard for me to look away, for her opaque grey eyes have such a magnetic hold on me.


She waves her right hand in a sly, rhythmic way and a second later an overwhelming yet blissful feeling came over me.IMG_4298

All I could see was a future with her. All I could feel is an infatuation growing morbidly inside of me, flowering into something more than lust.


I couldn’t imagine an existence without her, as if every last breath I took depended on her presence, every ounce of my happiness is created because of her…


“double, double…toil & trouble…fire burn…and cauldron bubble…” echoes through my mind at times…


Sometimes…I think she’s placed a spell on me, because now, she’s mine…



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Photography by See V.