Close To You


Last weekend was one of my close friend’s wedding. Her and her beau have been dating for a very long time and their love certainly stood the test of time & the obstacles that life has thrown their way. It was very magical to witness such a love and to be apart of a beautiful ceremony. Under calm and clear blue skies, surrounded by mountainous ranges, and acres of lush green vineyards that were sprouting fall leaves collectively, they took their vows in front of a small handful of friends and family.


At the reception, the brides maids and grooms men gave their speeches. Most cried as they talked from their hearts even though they held pre-written letters to the couple.


I am never one to cry at weddings, but the mother and son dance certainly brought some tears to my eyes. “Close to You,” by the Carpenters played, and I think that the whole crowd just lost it from there. Such an emotional song for a very evoking and touching moment.


True love is like an effortless dance between two people. They both move rhythmically together throughout the dance floor, he brings her to close to him and dips her lovingly, while pulling her back into his embrace…taking care to not step on each other’s feet, and if they do, they easily forgive one another & move on.  There’s no rush, no pressure, no limit to when it will end..



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